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Figures for Willot et al., 2002

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Fig. 3 admp overexpression causes the loss of dorsal fates. wt embryos were injected at the one-cell stage with admp RNA (600 pg) and compared to uninjected siblings (control). (A–D) Live embryos at 1 day of development. (E, F) Flat mounts of embryos stained at the one-to three-somite stage with myoD and pax2.1 in dark blue, hgg1, krox20, and ntl in red; anterior to the left. (A) Uninjected embryo. (B–D) admp-injected embryos. (B) Class 1 phenotype. (C) Class 2 phenotype. (D) Class 3 phenotype. (B, C) Arrows indicate the posterior limit of the truncated notochord. (E) Uninjected embryo. (F) admp-injected embryo; notochord defects and fusion of myoD expression domains at the midline are indicated (arrows).

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