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Figures for Hernandez-Lagunas et al., 2005

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Fig. 1 Linkage between nrd and prdm1. (A) Physical and genetic maps of zebrafish linkage group (LG) 16. The genomic interval that contains nrd was determined using bulk segregant analysis with single strand length polymorphic (SSLP) markers (ā€œzā€ positioned before the number). We positioned nrd between z6365 and z19602. Recombination frequency is listed as old and new. Old is from the original nrd strain nrdm805EK/WIK and New is nrdm805HuC:GFP. Several genes are located in this interval, including prdm1, which we identified as a candidate (Sanger Zv3 ensembl; other genes in the region include ABG-L, Fkdbox01A, NTPdase3, Gag-protease transposon). (B, C) Sequence comparison of wildtype (wt) and nrdm805 prdm1. (B) Diagrams illustrate conceptual wildtype and nrdm805 Blimp-1 (prdm1) protein products. The wildtype sequence contains a SET domain (blue) between amino acid 95ā€“198 and 5 zinc finger DNA binding domains (green). The nrdm805 sequence has a stop codon (TGA) at amino acid 154 (exon 4) within the SET domain and before the zinc finger domains. (C) Sequence comparison between wildtype (wt; left) and nrdm805 (right). Sequence was confirmed in multiple PCR reactions within the two nrdm805 strains, and both contained the stop at position 154.

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