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Figures for Sumanas et al., 2005

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Fig. 4 Morphological analysis of blf morphants at the 22-somite stage. Blf MOs caused a minor general developmental delay; therefore, all embryos were staged individually by the standard staging criteria (Kimmel et al., 1995). (A, D) Control uninjected embryo, (B, E) 7.5 ng blf MO1-injected embryo, (C, F) 1.5 ng blf MO2-injected embryo, (H) 2ng blf MO2-injected embryo. Note the notochord and floorplate undulations (arrows), delaminating dorsal ectodermal cells (arrowheads) and the severely shortened axis in blf MO-injected embryos. (G) Percentage of blf MO-injected embryos displaying axial undulations and delaminating ectodermal cells. Embryos injected with a control 5-base mismatch blf-MO2 were completely normal (not shown). blf-MO3 also caused axial undulations, albeit at lower frequency (not shown).

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