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Figures for Liu et al., 2006


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Fig. 3 ff1b expression and 3β-Hsd enzymatic activity in the clom39 mutant and its wild type sibling. Embryos of clom39 mutant (right panel: B, D, F, H) and its wild-type sibling (WT, left panel: A, C, E, G) were labeled by ISH for ff1b (dark blue) at 55 hpf (A–F), or by chromogenic detection of 3β-Hsd activity at 77 hpf (G, H). Panels A and B are dorsal views while panels C and D are dorsolateral views of embryos oriented with anterior to the right. Panels E and F are frontal views showing the ff1b expression in ventral hypothalamus. Panels G and H are ventral views of deyolked embryos oriented with anterior to the right. The central migration of interrenal tissue is arrested in clom39, resulting in persistent distribution of a pair of cell clusters on either side of notochord. Notochords (nc) dorsal to the interrenal tissues are outlined by red dots in panels C and D.

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