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Figures for Sieger et al., 2006

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Fig. 5 Effects of her1/11Mo and her13.2Mo injections on somite border formation in medaka. (A) Anterior somite borders in wild-type embryos, (B) in her1/11 morphants (0.2 mM, 2 experiments, n = 124, 97.58% embryos show wild-type morphology) and (C) in her13.2 morphants (0.2 mM, 5 experiments, n = 281, 98.9% embryos show wild-type morphology). (D) Anterior somite borders are completely absent in double injections (0.06 mM her1/11Mo and 0.2 mM her13.2Mo, 7 experiments, n = 267, 66.3% affected). Expression of the segmental marker myf5 (Elmasri et al., 2004) was monitored in (E) wild-type embryos, (F) her1/11 morphants (0.2 mM, 2 experiments, n = 82, 95% show segmental myf5 expression), (G) her13.2 morphants (0.2 mM, 3 experiments, n = 105, 97% show segmental myf5 expression) and (H) respective double morphants (0.06 mM her1/11Mo and 0.2 mM her13.2Mo, 3 experiments, n = 89, 96.6% show uniform myf5 expression). (A–G) 8–10 somite stage embryos, (A–D) living embryos, (E–G) flat mounted embryos, all in dorsal view, anterior to the top.

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