Figures for Vesque et al., 2006

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Fig. 3 Comparison of murine and chicken Prtg expression patterns. A-I: In situ hybridization (ISH) performed on mouse embryos with an antisense Prtg probe. A,B,C, and E show lateral views, D and F dorsal views, and G, H and I sections performed on a 20 s embryo as indicated in C. J-L: ISH performed on chick embryos with a chick Prtg probe. J and K show sections, and L shows a lateral view. The embryonic stages are indicated on each panel, in somite number and according to Hamburger and Hamilton classification. ba1, first branchial arch; cnp, caudal neural plate; dm, dermomyotome; mb, midbrain; nt, neural tube; op, otic pit; r, rhombomere; rp, roof plate; s, somite; sc, spinal cord; sld, sub-lip domain; tel, telencephalon.

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