Figures for Cha et al., 2006

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Fig. 6 PI3K/Akt is activated downstream of EP4 signaling. (A-C) Lateral view, dorsal to the right. (B) Ten micromolar PI3K/Akt inhibitor, LY294002. (C) Thirty micromolar PI3K/Akt inhibitor, LY294002. (D) Uninjected, ep4-MO2 (2 ng), or ptges-MO2 (2 ng) injected. (E) Uninjected, ep4-MO2 (2 ng), or ep2-MO2 (2 ng) injected. (F) Uninjected or ep4-MO2-injected (2 ng) embryos treated with or without exogenous PGE2 (5 μ). (G) Uninjected, ep4-MO2 (2 ng), or ep2-MO (2 ng) injected embryos. (H) Molecular mechanisms for PGE2 signaling in vertebrate gastrulation. Lysates from 2.5 embryos were loaded into each well for Western blot analyses. (pAKT) Phosphorylated AKT; (AKT) total AKT; (pERK) phosphorylated ERK; (ERK) total ERK. Please see text and Materials and Methods for details.

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