Figures for Cha et al., 2006

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Fig. 4 EP4-deficient embryos exhibit decreased cell motility in dorsal migration, while maintaining normal cell shape. (A) Domains of convergence and extension movements in zebrafish gastrulae (Myers et al. 2002. Orange arrows indicate domains of slow convergence and extension. (B) A diagram to demonstrate the difference between total versus net speed. (C) A schematic representation of the method used to measure cell shape. (LWR) Length-to-width ratio. (DF) Cell behavior of mesoderm cells during slow convergence toward the dorsal midline. (D) Total and net dorsal speed of lateral mesodermal cells at 80% epiboly. (E) Meandering index of lateral mesodermal cells. The meandering index was determined by dividing the total speed by the net speed. (F) LWR of lateral mesodermal cells. Lateral mesoderm measurements were made in wild-type (two embryos, 84 cells), control EP4-MO-injected (EP4-MOc; two embryos, 80 cells), and EP4-deficient (six embryos, 224 cells) embryos.

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