Figures for Lamason et al., 2005


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Fig. 3 Expression of slc24a5 in zebrafish embryos and adult mouse tissues. The expression of slc24a5 (A) and dct (B) in melanophores and RPE of a 24-hpf wild-type zebrafish larva show similar patterns. (C) golb1 larvae lack detectable slc24a5 expression. (D) dct expression in 24-hpf golb1 larva is similar to that in wild type. Scale bar, 200 ┬Ám. (E) Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of Slc24a5 expression in mouse tissues and B16 melanoma. Expression was normalized using the ratio between Slc24a5 and the control transcript, RNA polymerase II (Polr2e).

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