ZFIN ID: ZDB-FISH-150901-12047
Fish name: chrndsb13/sb13
Genotype: chrndsb13/sb13
Targeting Reagent: none
HUMAN DISEASE MODELED by chrndsb13/sb13
No data available
Gene expression in chrndsb13/sb13
Protein expression No data available
Reporter gene expression No data available
Phenotype in chrndsb13/sb13
Phenotype Conditions Figures
muscle pioneer hspb9l expression absent, abnormal standard conditions Figure 4 with image from Klüver et al., 2011
musculoskeletal movement quality, abnormal standard conditions Fig. for (sb13fixe) from Phenotype Annotation (1994-2006)
whole organism hspb9l expression amount, ameliorated chemical treatment by environment: azinphos-methyl Figure 3 with image from Klüver et al., 2011
whole organism hspb9l expression decreased amount, abnormal standard conditions Figure 3 with image from Klüver et al., 2011