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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-060919-2
Genomic Feature: zf106Tg
Synonyms: Tg(-8.0cldnb:lynGFP) , Tg(-8.0cldnb:lynGFP)unspecified (1), Tg(-8.0cldnb:lynGFP)zf06 (1), Tg(-8.0cldnb:lynGFP)zf106 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(-8.0cldnb:LY-EGFP)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin:
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources:
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Complex anos1ask50/+ ; anos1bsk52/+ ; zf106Tg ; fgf3t24149/+ ; anos1ask51/+ ; fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo ; anos1bsk53/+ anos1a, anos1b, fgf3, fgf10a
anos1ask50/+ ; anos1bsk53/+ ; anos1bsk52/+ ; zf106Tg ; sk89Tg ; anos1ask51/+ anos1a, anos1b
anos1bsk52/+ ; anos1ask50/+ ; zf106Tg/zf106Tg ; anos1ask51/+ ; anos1bsk53/+ anos1a, anos1b
anos1bsk52/+ ; anos1ask51/+ ; anos1ask50/+ ; zf106Tg ; fgf3t24149/t24149 ; anos1bsk53/+ anos1a, anos1b, fgf3
extl3tm70g/tm70g ; zf106Tg extl3
fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo ; sk87Tg ; fgf3t24149/t24149 ; zf106Tg fgf3, fgf10a
fgf3t24149/+ ; fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo ; zf106Tg fgf3, fgf10a
fgf3t24149/+ ; zf106Tg fgf3
fgf3t24149/t24149 ; fgf10atbvbo/+ ; anos1bsk52/+ ; anos1ask51/+ ; anos1bsk53/+ ; zf106Tg ; anos1ask50/+ anos1a, anos1b, fgf3, fgf10a
fu13Tg ; zf106Tg
fu13Tg ; zf106Tg ; cxcl12at30516/t30516 cxcl12a
gpc4fr6/fr6 ; zf106Tg gpc4
kremen1nl10/nl10 ; zf106Tg kremen1
mib1ta52b/ta52b ; zf106Tg mib1
myo5bt30834/t30834 ; zf106Tg myo5b
myo5btt221/tt221 ; zf106Tg myo5b
rhst30505/t30505; zf106Tg rhs
sk87Tg ; zf106Tg
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; zf106Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; zf106Tg ; prpf4tsu243Tg/tsu243Tg prpf4, tp53
zf106Tg ; anos1ask50/sk50 anos1a
zf106Tg ; anos1bsk52/sk52 anos1b
zf106Tg ; anos1bsk53/+ ; anos1ask50/+ ; anos1ask51/+ ; anos1bsk52/+ anos1a, anos1b
zf106Tg ; cxcl12at30516/t30516 cxcl12a
zf106Tg ; cxcr4bt26035/t26035 cxcr4b
zf106Tg ; ext2to79c/to79c ext2
zf106Tg ; extl3tm70g/tm70g ; ext2to79c/to79c ext2, extl3
zf106Tg ; fgf10atbvbo/+ ; fgf3t24149/t24149 fgf3, fgf10a
zf106Tg ; fgfr1at2227/t2227 fgfr1a
zf106Tg ; fu13Tg ; cxcr4bt26035/t26035 cxcr4b
zf106Tg ; pd1Tg
zf106Tg ; prpf4tsu243Tg/tsu243Tg prpf4
zf106Tg ; sk86Tg
zf106Tg ; sk89Tg
zf106Tg ; sk89Tg ; fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo ; fgf3t24149/t24149 fgf3, fgf10a
zf106Tg ; umz30Tg (AB)
zf106Tg ; umz33Tg (AB)
zf51Tg ; zf106Tg
ackr3bsa16/sa16; zf106Tg ackr3b
apchu745/hu745; zf106Tg apc
apchu745/hu745; zf106Tg apc
apczf134/zf134; zf106Tg apc
cxcl12at30516/t30516; zf106Tg cxcl12a
cxcr4bt26035/+; zf106Tg cxcr4b
cxcr4bt26035/t26035; zf106Tg cxcr4b
fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo; zf106Tg fgf10a
fgf3t24149/t24149; zf106Tg fgf3
kremen1nl10/nl10; zf106Tg kremen1
lef1u767/u767; zf106Tg lef1
zf106Tg ; cxcl12at30516/+ cxcl12a
amotl2afu45/fu45; zf106Tg amotl2a
amotl2afu45/fu45; zf106Tg amotl2a
amotl2afu46/fu46; zf106Tg amotl2a
amotl2afu46/fu46; zf106Tg amotl2a
yap1fu47/fu47; zf106Tg yap1
yap1fu47/fu47; zf106Tg yap1
yap1fu48/fu48; zf106Tg yap1
yap1fu48/fu48; zf106Tg yap1
i114Tg; zf106Tg
m1274Tg; zf106Tg
m1275Tg; zf106Tg
nl1Tg; zf106Tg
nns8Tg; zf106Tg
ru1011Tg; zf106Tg
rw0130aTg; zf106Tg
sqet4Et; zf106Tg
ui2Tg; zf106Tg
ump1Tg; zf106Tg
w32Tg; zf106Tg
zf106Tg; zf115Tg
zf106Tg; zf148Tg
lef1nl2/nl2; zf106Tg lef1
tmieru1000/ru1000; zf106Tg tmie
fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo ; fgf3t21142/t21142 ; zf106Tg fgf3, fgf10a
fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo; fgf3t24149/t24149; zf106Tg fgf3, fgf10a
amotl2afu46/fu46; yap1fu48/fu48; zf106Tg amotl2a, yap1
ackr3bsa16/sa16; sk78Tg; zf106Tg ackr3b
nim11Tg; nim12Tg; zf106Tg
nim11Tg; nim13Tg; zf106Tg
nim11Tg; nim14Tg; zf106Tg
zf106Tg; zf422Tg; zf424Tg
Unknown zf106Tg (AB) Unknown
zf106Tg Unknown