Table zfindb.public.construct Generated by
Primary key columns
Columns with indexes
Implied relationships
Excluded column relationships
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
construct_zdb_id text 2147483647
construct_component.cc_construct_zdb_id cc_construct_zdb_id_odc C
construct_figure.consfig_construct_zdb_id construct_figure_construct_zdb_id_foreign_key_odc C
construct_marker_relationship.conmrkrrel_construct_zdb_id cmr_construct_fk_odc C
zdb_active_data.zactvd_zdb_id construct_zdb_active_data_foreign_key_odc C
construct_name text 2147483647
construct_date_inserted timestamp 29,6 now()
construct_date_modified timestamp 29,6  √  now()
construct_type text 2147483647
construct_owner_zdb_id text 2147483647
person.zdb_id construct_owner_zdb_id R
construct_comments text 2147483647  √  null

Table contained 6,259 rows at Wed Sep 15 00:41 PDT 2021

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
construct_zdb_id Primary key Asc construct_primary_key
construct_name Must be unique Asc construct_name_alternate_key_index
construct_owner_zdb_id Performance Asc construct_owner_zdb_id_fk_index

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