Table zfindb.informix.antibody Generated by
Primary key columns
Columns with indexes
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
atb_zdb_id varchar 50
expression_experiment.xpatex_atb_zdb_id xpatex_atb_zdb_id_foreign_key C
marker.mrkr_zdb_id atb_mrkr_foreign_key_odc C
atb_type varchar 20  √  null
antibody_type.atbtype_name ant_type_foreign_key R
atb_hviso_name varchar 20  √  null
heavy_chain_isotype.hviso_name atb_hviso_name_foreign_key R
atb_ltiso_name varchar 10  √  null
light_chain_isotype.ltiso_name atb_ltiso_name_foreign_key R
atb_immun_organism varchar 30  √  null
organism.organism_common_name atb_immun_organism_foreign_key R
atb_host_organism varchar 30  √  null
organism.organism_common_name atb_host_organism_foreign_key R

Table contained 1,958 rows at Tue Nov 10 13:18 PST 2015

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
atb_zdb_id Must be unique Asc antibody_primary_key_index
atb_host_organism Performance Asc atb_host_organism
atb_hviso_name Performance Asc atb_hviso_name_index
atb_immun_organism Performance Asc atb_immun_organism
atb_ltiso_name Performance Asc atb_ltiso_name_index
atb_type Performance Asc atb_type_index

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