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Mutations and Transgenics: Kelsh et al., 1996
Allele Construct Type Affected Genomic Region(s)
b1 Point Mutation
b4 Insertion slc45a2
b5 Small Deletion kita
Df(Chr18)b13 Deficiency slc24a5
b134 Unknown kita
b204 Translocation slc24a5
m141 Unknown kita
m442 Unknown kita
m443 Unknown kita
m592 Unknown slc24a5
t3 Insertion sox10
t14m Unknown slc24a5
ta23 Unknown tig
ta52b Point Mutation mib1
ta53b Unknown unm_ta53b
ta65b Unknown kef
ta81 Unknown qam
ta87 Unknown cco
ta229c Unknown mrd
ta229d Unknown lcl
tb202 Unknown pio
tb212 Unknown ric
tb213c Unknown csf1ra
tb222b Point Mutation trim33
tb241a Unknown mycbp2
tb244c Unknown qam
tc7b Unknown fad
tc11c Unknown ger
tc21 Unknown stas
tc22 Point Mutation pdhb
tc205 Unknown ltk
tc218 Unknown unm_tc218
tc227b Unknown csf1ra
tc233b Unknown unm_tc233b
tc239b Unknown trim33
tc244b Point Mutation kitlga
tc245c Unknown edi
tc246b Unknown trim33
tc249b Unknown unm_tc249b
tc251 Unknown yob
tc276a Unknown qua
tc276c Unknown pio
tc318a Unknown stas
tc327c Unknown unm_tc327c
td9 Unknown tar
te1a Unknown mlk
te214 Unknown dim
te220 Unknown csf1ra
te237 Unknown kita
te250 Small Deletion mycbp2
te256 Unknown pup
te267 Unknown fam
te275 Insertion mycbp2
te279 Unknown mycbp2
te295 Unknown ltk
te300 Unknown ltk
te326 Unknown tyr
te345 Unknown trim33
te374b Unknown unm_te374b
te376 Unknown mycbp2
te380 Unknown pun
tf4z Unknown mycbp2
tf21a Unknown lnd
tf31 Unknown slc45a2
tf34 Unknown csf1ra
tf208 Unknown qam
tf222c Unknown tnd
tf229 Unknown kef
tf238b Unknown csf1ra
tf238c Unknown ltk
tf241 Unknown unm_tf241
tg2 Unknown mlk
tg5 Unknown mycbp2
tg14 Unknown fad
tg16 Unknown mrd
tg17 Unknown csf1ra
tg203b Unknown unm_tg203b
tg208 Unknown sltn
tg211b Unknown bri
tg234 Point Mutation trim33
tg239d Unknown qua
tg243 Unknown tdo
tg248a Unknown wsh
tg265a Unknown mycbp2
tg271 Unknown slc24a5
tg283a Unknown csf1ra
tg283c Unknown unm_tg283c
tg306 Unknown bls
th35c Unknown kita
th35d Unknown frks
th36b Unknown mycbp2
th204a Unknown pep
th204b Unknown blc
th208 Unknown tdo
th211 Unknown dharma
th219 Unknown ltk
th222 Unknown mycbp2
th236a Point Mutation pmela
th241 Point Mutation atoh7
th274 Unknown stas
ti9 Unknown slc45a2
ti201 Unknown unm_ti201
ti205 Unknown unm_ti205
ti224 Unknown pol
ti225 Unknown slc45a2
ti263c Unknown ltk
ti280 Unknown mat
ti282b Unknown bch
tj19e Unknown mac
tj20e Unknown slc45a2
tj204 Unknown mrd
tj213 Unknown zwa
tj218 Unknown unm_tj218
tj226 Unknown bri
tj229e Unknown ltk
tj236 Unknown mycbp2
tj241a Unknown dfd
tj244 Unknown clx
tj245 Unknown kita
tj262 Unknown ednraa
tj266c Unknown unm_tj266c
tk12 Unknown blr
tk13 Unknown yob
tk17 Unknown pio
tk20 Point Mutation tyr
tk22 Unknown pun
tk49 Unknown tdo
tk62 Unknown pup
tk68b Unknown mrd
tk224 Unknown fad
tk232a Unknown edi
tk236 Unknown qua
tk241 Point Mutation noto
tl23 Unknown pep
tl25 Unknown stas
tl33 Unknown tnd
tl35 Unknown edi
tl39 Unknown pun
tl225a Unknown hei
tl240c Unknown bli
tl241 Point Mutation csf1ra
tl245 Unknown edi
tm9a Unknown pup
tm18b Unknown kita
tm26 Point Mutation meox1
tm40 Unknown nkl
tm42c Unknown bri
tm46a Unknown ltk
tm57a Unknown stas
tm63a Unknown kita
tm63c Unknown fad
tm65 Unknown pet
tm79b Unknown pew
tm79d Unknown mir
tm83a Unknown slc45a2
tm86 Unknown yoc
tm88a Unknown pup
tm90d Unknown unm_tm90d
tm97c Unknown unm_tm97c
tm102c Unknown kita
tm107 Unknown unm_tm107
tm111 Unknown bry
tm118 Unknown tyr
tm130f Unknown coo
tm132e Unknown wsh
tm138b Unknown qam
tm141 Unknown wsh
tm142 Unknown uns
tm228 Unknown kita
tm229 Point Mutation noto
tm235a Unknown stas
tm236b Point Mutation csf1ra
tm245 Unknown stas
tm246b Unknown csf1ra
tm267e Unknown tdo
tm271a Unknown ivy
tm297 Unknown blr
tm305 Point Mutation szl
tn14 Unknown unm_tn14
tn16 Unknown uni
tn207b Point Mutation mycbp2
tn215 Unknown mrd
to1 Unknown tyr
to2b Unknown obs
to4 Unknown sbl
to11 Unknown wei
to75a Unknown pio
to75b Unknown kita
to102 Unknown tyr
to240 Unknown bed
to241b Unknown qua
to253 Unknown unm_to253
to255b Unknown edi
to275a Unknown unm_to275a
tp2 Unknown tdo
tp8 Unknown tdo
tp30 Unknown ivy
tp31 Unknown tdo
tp39 Point Mutation prdm1a
tp44 Unknown kita
tp49c Unknown puz
tp62 Unknown edi
tp67b Unknown edi
tp71c Unknown csf1ra
tp72g Unknown qua
tp72i Unknown mrd
tp89 Point Mutation pdhb
tp90 Unknown blr
tp93 Unknown zwa
tp94c Unknown fad
tp203 Point Mutation mycbp2
tp212 Unknown uns
tp218 Unknown ltk
tp219d Unknown pun
tp223a Unknown blr
tp223b Unknown bst
tq1 Unknown unm_tq1
tq211 Unknown csf1ra
tq213a Unknown spe
tq213c Unknown mycbp2
tq251e Unknown sah
tq262a Unknown unm_tq262a
tq262b Unknown blr
tq266a Unknown tin
tq277 Unknown tdo
tq279 Unknown ful
tq280 Unknown snp
tr6 Unknown sum
tr254b Unknown stas
tr255 Unknown wsh
tr256 Unknown drp
tr276 Unknown edi
tr282 Unknown slc45a2
ts23 Unknown blc
ts32 Unknown led
ts41 Unknown pio
ts208 Unknown mycbp2
ts236 Unknown unm_ts236
ts292e Unknown pch
tt232 Unknown edi
tt245 Unknown tdo
tt249 Unknown unm_tt249
tt254a Unknown csf1ra
tt288 Unknown nob
tu29c Unknown blr
tu43 Unknown sll
tu46 Unknown unm_tu46
tu235b Unknown unm_tu235b
tu244b Unknown trim33
tu247 Unknown stas
tu269 Unknown bri
tv4 Unknown edi
tv10 Unknown mlk
tv41 Unknown mrd
tv46 Unknown qua
tv49a Unknown unm_tv49a
tv60a Unknown tdo
tv201 Unknown unm_tv201
tv205b Unknown cot
tv212 Unknown ednraa
tv215 Unknown pup
tw2 Point Mutation sox10
tw11 Point Mutation sox10
tw25a Unknown qam
tw29c Unknown stw
tw33 Unknown coo
tw212c Unknown unm_tw212c
tx3 Unknown blr
tx216 Unknown unm_tx216
ty6d Unknown van
ty9 Unknown ltk
ty32b Unknown pol
ty41 Unknown qam
ty44d Unknown yob
ty57 Unknown trim33
ty70 Unknown ltk
ty79 Unknown tyr
ty82 Point Mutation ltk
ty85b Unknown los
ty86b Unknown cco
ty89 Unknown blc
ty105g Unknown unm_ty105g
ty107 Unknown fet
ty120 Unknown stas
ty124d Unknown pol
ty130b Point Mutation mycbp2
ty213 Unknown slc24a5
tz209 Point Mutation szl
tz224 Unknown unm_tz224
tz227b Unknown stas
tz249 Unknown unm_tz249
tz253 Unknown edi
tz262a Unknown tod
tz264 Unknown cot
tz276 Unknown trim33
tz284 Unknown unm_tz284
tz294 Unknown unm_tz294
tz298 Unknown unm_tz298
tz310c Point Mutation trpm7