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Mutations and Transgenics: Whitfield et al., 1996
Allele Construct Type Affected Genomic Region(s)
m115 Unknown atp1a1a.1
m273 Unknown atp1a1a.1
m523 Unknown atp1a1a.1
t3 Insertion sox10
ta29 Unknown otog
ta51d Unknown hsd
ta76b Unknown med12
ta221 Unknown mtc
ta229a Unknown hsd
tb213b Unknown kei
tb233c Point Mutation adgrg6
tc7c Unknown otog
tc242a Unknown kei
tc256d Point Mutation hhip
tc257e Point Mutation eya1
tc288c Unknown era
tc288d Unknown erbb3b
tc311 Unknown spok
tc317a Unknown otog
td204g Unknown otog
te242 Unknown extl3
te296f Point Mutation otog
te313 Unknown hat
tf205 Unknown ext2
tf234 Unknown unm_tf234
tg203d Unknown otog
tg225 Unknown unm_tg225
tg238c Unknown otog
tg254c Unknown unm_tg254c
tg308c Unknown extl3
tg414b Point Mutation slc12a2
th204b Unknown blc
th276 Unknown unm_th276
th279c Unknown unm_th279c
ti230c Unknown otog
ti272c Unknown otog
ti282a Point Mutation fgf8a
ti282b Unknown bch
tj222 Point Mutation ptch1
tj223 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tj229f Unknown kei
tj241b Unknown wup
tj244 Unknown clx
tk256a Point Mutation adgrg6
tl20e Point Mutation tecta
tl30 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tm4 Unknown extl3
tm52 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tm70g Point Mutation extl3
tm90b Point Mutation eya1
tm121 Unknown men
tm136 Unknown unm_tm136
tm146d Point Mutation sufu
tm208 Point Mutation tbx1
tm317c Unknown extl3
tm317d Point Mutation otop1
tn218d Unknown unm_tn218d
to11 Unknown wei
to15b Unknown eya1
to27d Point Mutation slc12a2
to79c Point Mutation ext2
to228 Unknown otog
to232 Unknown extl3
to236 Unknown otog
to273a Point Mutation atp1a1a.1
to273b MNV ext2
to275b Unknown unm_to275b
tp17 Unknown otog
tp49c Unknown puz
tp67z Unknown extl3
tp85b Point Mutation eya1
tp85d Unknown eso
tp219e Unknown unm_tp219e
tq236 Unknown ptch1
tq251e Unknown sah
tq279 Unknown ful
tq289a Unknown sub
tr15 Unknown hph
tr216e Unknown adgrg6
ts23 Unknown blc
ts209 Unknown otog
ts242a Unknown kei
ts276e Unknown kei
ts284 Unknown otog
tt272b Unknown otog
tt286c Unknown eps
tt288 Unknown nob
tu236 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tu242d Unknown unm_tu242d
tu285 Point Mutation tbx1
tw2 Point Mutation sox10
tw3b Unknown atp1a1a.1
tw11 Point Mutation sox10
tw24 Point Mutation extl3
tw25e Point Mutation ext2
tw29c Unknown stw
tw224 Unknown otog
ty85e Unknown unm_ty85e
ty89 Unknown blc
tz214c Unknown bxe
tz256 Unknown otog
z2 Unknown mnl