Reischauer et al., 2014 - Actin Binding GFP Allows 4D In Vivo Imaging of Myofilament Dynamics in the Zebrafish Heart and the Identification of Erbb2 Signaling as a Remodeling Factor of Myofibril Architecture. Circulation research   115(10):845-56 Full text @ Circ. Res.
7 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene acta2 actin alpha 2, smooth muscle
Gene erbb2 erb-b2 receptor tyrosine kinase 2
Gene myh7 myosin heavy chain 7
Gene myl7 myosin, light chain 7, regulatory
Gene pdlim3a PDZ and LIM domain 3a
Gene tcap titin-cap (telethonin)
Gene tnnt2a troponin T type 2a (cardiac)