Coolen et al., 2012 - miR-9 Controls the Timing of Neurogenesis through the Direct Inhibition of Antagonistic Factors. Developmental Cell   22(5):1052-1064 Full text @ Dev. Cell
Morpholino List (7 Records)
Target Reagent
elavl3 MO1-elavl3
her5 MO2-her5
her6 MO2-her6
mir9-1 MO1-mir9
mir9-2 MO1-mir9
mir9-3 MO1-mir9
mir9-4 MO1-mir9
mir9-5 MO1-mir9
mir9-6 MO1-mir9
mir9-7 MO1-mir9
tp53 MO4-tp53
zic5 MO2-zic5