OBO ID: ZFA:0001282
Term Name: adenohypophysis Search Ontology:
Synonyms: anterior hypophysis, anterior pituitary
Definition: The anterior lobe of the hypophysis (pituitary gland). This lobe contains cells that produce prolactin, growth hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and proopiomelanocortin. In contrast to mammalian vertebrates, the adenohypophysis remains in a subepithelial position and there exists no equivalent of Rathke's pouch in zebrafish. (1)
Appears at: Hatching:Long-pec (48.0h-60.0h)
Evident until: Adult (90d-730d, breeding adult)
References: TAO:0001282
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology
develops from:
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