OBO ID: GO:0043197
Term Name: dendritic spine Search Ontology:
  • branched dendritic spine
  • dendrite spine
  • mushroom dendritic spine
  • sessile dendritic spine
  • stubby dendritic spine
  • thin dendritic spine
Definition: A small, membranous protrusion from a dendrite that forms a postsynaptic compartment, typically receiving input from a single presynapse. They function as partially isolated biochemical and an electrical compartments. Spine morphology is variable:they can be thin, stubby, mushroom, or branched, with a continuum of intermediate morphologies. They typically terminate in a bulb shape, linked to the dendritic shaft by a restriction. Spine remodeling is though to be involved in synaptic plasticity.
Ontology: GO: Cellular Component   QuickGO   AmiGO
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