Term Name: EC (catechol oxidase) inhibitor Search Ontology:
  • 1,2-benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase inhibitor
  • 1,2-benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase inhibitors
  • catechol oxidase (EC inhibitor
  • catechol oxidase (EC inhibitors
  • catechol oxidase inhibitor
  • catechol oxidase inhibitors
  • catecholase inhibitor
  • catecholase inhibitors
  • diphenol oxidase inhibitor
  • diphenol oxidase inhibitors
  • Dopa oxidase inhibitor
  • Dopa oxidase inhibitors
  • EC (catechol oxidase) inhibitors
  • EC inhibitor
  • EC inhibitors
  • o-diphenol oxidoreductase inhibitor
  • o-diphenol oxidoreductase inhibitors
  • o-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase inhibitor
  • o-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase inhibitors
  • o-diphenolase inhibitor
  • o-diphenolase inhibitors
  • phenolase inhibitor
  • phenolase inhibitors
  • polyphenol oxidase inhibitor
  • polyphenol oxidase inhibitors
  • pyrocatechol oxidase inhibitor
  • pyrocatechol oxidase inhibitors
  • tyrosinase inhibitor
  • tyrosinase inhibitors
Definition: Any EC 1.10.3.* (oxidoreductase acting on diphenols and related substances as donors with oxygen as acceptor) inhibitor that interferes with the action of catechol oxidase (EC
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available