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Term Name: EC (prostaglandin-E2 9-reductase) inhibitor Search Ontology:
  • (5Z,13E)-(15S)-9alpha,11alpha,15-trihydroxyprosta-5,13-dienoate:NADP(+) 9-oxidoreductase inhibitor
  • (5Z,13E)-(15S)-9alpha,11alpha,15-trihydroxyprosta-5,13-dienoate:NADP(+) 9-oxidoreductase inhibitors
  • 9-keto-prostaglandin E2 reductase inhibitor
  • 9-keto-prostaglandin E2 reductase inhibitors
  • 9-ketoprostaglandin reductase inhibitor
  • 9-ketoprostaglandin reductase inhibitors
  • EC (prostaglandin-E2 9-reductase) inhibitors
  • EC inhibitor
  • EC inhibitors
  • PGE-9-ketoreductase inhibitor
  • PGE-9-ketoreductase inhibitors
  • PGE2 9-oxoreductase inhibitor
  • PGE2 9-oxoreductase inhibitors
  • PGE2-9-ketoreductase inhibitor
  • PGE2-9-ketoreductase inhibitors
  • PGE2-9-OR inhibitor
  • PGE2-9-OR inhibitors
  • prostaglandin 9-ketoreductase inhibitor
  • prostaglandin 9-ketoreductase inhibitors
  • prostaglandin E 9-ketoreductase inhibitor
  • prostaglandin E 9-ketoreductase inhibitors
  • prostaglandin E2-9-oxoreductase inhibitor
  • prostaglandin E2-9-oxoreductase inhibitors
  • prostaglandin-E2 9-reductase (EC inhibitor
  • prostaglandin-E2 9-reductase (EC inhibitors
  • reductase, 15-hydroxy-9-oxoprostaglandin inhibitor
  • reductase, 15-hydroxy-9-oxoprostaglandin inhibitors
Definition: An EC 1.1.1.* (oxidoreductase acting on donor CH-OH group, NAD(+) or NADP(+) acceptor) inhibitor that interferes with the action of prostaglandin-E2 9-reductase (EC
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available