OBO ID: CHEBI:167653
Term Name: AZD3463 Search Ontology:
  • AZD 3463
  • AZD-3463
  • N-[4-(4-amino-1-piperidinyl)-2-methoxyphenyl]-5-chloro-4-(1H-indol-3-yl)-2-pyrimidinamine
  • N-[4-(4-aminopiperidin-1-yl)-2-methoxyphenyl]-5-chloro-4-(1H-indol-3-yl)pyrimidin-2-amine
Definition: A member of the class of indoles that is 1H-indole substituted by a 2-[4-(4-aminopiperidin-1-yl)-2-methoxyanilino]-5-chloropyrimidin-4-yl group at position 3. It is an orally bioavailable dual inhibitor of ALK and IGF1R with Ki value of 0.75 nM for ALK.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available