OBO ID: CHEBI:144482
Term Name: cis-cis-nepetalactone Search Ontology:
  • (+)-(4aR,7S,7aS)-nepetalactone
  • (+)-cis,cis-nepetalactone
  • (4aR,7S,7aS)-4,7-dimethyl-5,6,7,7a-tetrahydrocyclopenta[c]pyran-1(4aH)-one
  • (4aR,7S,7aS)-nepetalactone
  • 4abeta,7alpha,7abeta-nepetalactone
  • cis,cis-nepetalactone
  • cis-cis-nepetalactone
Definition: A cyclopentapyran that is (4aR,7aS)-1,4a,5,6,7,7a-hexahydrocyclopenta[c]pyran substituted at position 1 by an oxo group and at positions 4 and 7 by methyl groups, respectively (the 4aR,7S,7aS-diastereomer). An iridoid monoterpenoid isolated from several Nepeta plant species.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available