OBO ID: CHEBI:136001
Term Name: itramin tosilate Search Ontology:
  • 2-aminoethanol nitrate mono(4-methylbenzenesulfonate)
  • 2-aminoethanol nitrate mono-p-toluenesulfonate
  • 2-aminoethyl nitrate 4-methylbenzenesulfonate
  • 2-aminoethylnitrate-p-toluenesulfonate
  • 2-nitratoethylaminotoluene-p-sulfonate
  • 4-methylbenzene-1-sulfonic acid--2-aminoethyl nitrate
  • Cardisan
  • itramin
  • itramin tosilate
  • itramin tosylate
  • itramina tosilato
  • itramini tosilas
  • Nilatil
  • tosilate d'itramine
  • tosilato de itramina
  • Tostram
  • Tostramin
Definition: An organosulfonate salt obtained by combining equimolar amounts of aminoethyl nitrate and 4-toluenesulfonic acid. Used as a vasodilator for the treatment of angina.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available