Term: Kolmer-Agduhr neuron medial region
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Name: Kolmer-Agduhr neuron
Synonyms: dorsal CSF-cN, dorsal CSF-cNs, KA cell, KA interneuron, KA neuron, Kolmer-Agduhr cell
Definition: Kolmer-Agduhr neurons are ciliated GABAergic neurons that contact the central canal of the spinal cord and have ipsilateral ascending axons. KA neurons are the dorsal population of CSF-cNs that originate from pMN. The apical extension of dorsal CSF-cNs is more extended along the border of the central canal than for ventral CSF-cNs. Dorsal CSF-cNs contact V0-v cells and project onto CoPA sensory interneuron and respond to lateral bending of the spinal cord.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0005240]
Name: medial region
Definition: Anatomical region medially located on the body or body part.
Ontology: Spatial Ontology [BSPO:0000083]