Mishra et al., 2021 - Computational Analysis Predicts Hundreds of Coding lncRNAs in Zebrafish. Biology   10(5) Full text @ Biology (Basel)

Fig. 1 Visualization of the number of coding lncRNAs, and box-plot statistics (Supplementary Table S17) of RNA size, ORF size Fickett Score, and Hexamer score for 1, 929, 313, 93, and 21 sequences predicted to be coding by the corresponding bioinformatic tools. Out of the 21,128 lncRNAs examined in this study, 313 (green) were predicted (Supplementary Table S16) to be coding by all 6 tools (A). The box-plots depict the upper whisker (represented by the bubbles on the top), 3rd quartile, median, 1st quartile, and lower whisker (represented by the bubbles at the bottom) for the given number of data points (B).

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