Joo et al., 2013 - CCDC41 is required for ciliary vesicle docking to the mother centriole.. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America   110(15):5987-92 Full text @ Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA

Fig. 3

ccdc41 is expressed in ciliated tissues and its depletion induces olfactory ciliogenesis defects in zebrafish. (A) Alignment of human and zebrafish CCDC41 protein sequences by using the ClustalX program. (B) ccdc41 whole-mount in situ hybridization shows that ccdc41 mRNA is expressed in olfactory placodes (arrow), pronephric duct (arrowhead), and tail myotomes at 24 h postfertilization. (Inset) Frontal view of the head shows ccdc41 expression in bilateral olfactory placodes. (C) Anti‚Äďacetylated-tubulin (Act-Tub) antibody staining of the zebrafish nasal pit at 5 d postfertilization. MO, morpholino.

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Stage: Prim-5
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Stage: Day 5

Fig. S6

Efficiency test of ccdc41 knockdown in zebrafish. (A) Morpholino-mediated knockdown of ccdc41 does not affect left/right body patterning. A, atrium; cmlc2, heart marker; V, ventricle. (B) Fluorescence image of zebrafish embryos coinjected with GFP-ccdc41 reporter vector and ccdc41 morpholino (MO). Note the absence of detectable GFP fluorescence in ccdc41 morpholino-injected embryos.

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