Sredni et al., 2017 - A functional screening of the kinome identifies the Polo-like kinase 4 as a potential therapeutic target for malignant rhabdoid tumors, and possibly, other embryonal tumors of the brain. Pediatric blood & cancer   64(11) Full text @ Pediatr Blood Cancer

Fig. 5

Cytotoxic effects of CFI-400945 in vivo. (A) Comparison of the N-terminal fragment, corresponding to the kinase domain, of human PLK4 (Hs) and the zebrafish ortholog Plk4 (zf). The protein sequences are highly conserved (red: identical amino acids; blue: conserved amino acids), including identical bases involved in CFI-400945 binding sites (highlighted in green). (B) Representative phenotype of a normal zebrafish larva (top) and a zebrafish larva treated with 20 μM of CFI-400945 that developed pericardial and pronephric duct edema (arrows). (C) Data on the table corresponds to treatment of zebrafish larvae with different concentrations of CFI-400945 at 72 hr

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