Park et al., 2016 - Innate Color Preference of Zebrafish and Its Use in Behavioral Analyses. Molecules and cells   39(10):750-755 Full text @ Mol. Cells

Fig. 5

Comparison of WT, MT adult zebrafish phenotypes and histological analysis of 5 dpf zebrafish larva. (A) The 3 mpf adult zebrafish WT display golden and blue horizontal stripes and mosaics of yellow xanthophores, silvery or blue iridophores, and black melanophores but MT show only golden horizontal stripes and red eyes. (B) Histological analysis of WT and MT larvae at 5 dpf MT lacks black melanin pigment in RPE (red arrow) compared to WT. dpf - days post fertilization, mpf - month post fertilization, RPE - retinal pigment epithelium, GCL - ganglion cell layer, INL - inner nuclear layer, ONL - outer nuclear layer. Scale bars, 50 um.

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