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Nishimura et al., 2015 - Systems pharmacology of adiposity reveals inhibition of EP300 as a common therapeutic mechanism of caloric restriction and resveratrol for obesity. Frontiers in pharmacology   6:199 Full text @ Front Pharmacol

Fig. 6

Inhibition of EP300 reduces the adiposity in larval zebrafish. (A) Network between EP300 and the target genes identified iRegulon in adipose tissues of DIO zebrafish and obese humans with and without RES and CR. (B) Changes in the visceral adiposity of zebrafish treated with RES and/or C646. The area stained with Nile Red is shown compared with that of control (arbitrarily defined as 100%). Values are the means ± SEM. N = 10–12/group. #p < 0.05 vs control.

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