Giousoh et al., 2015 - Bone morphogenetic protein/retinoic acid inducible neural-specific protein (brinp) expression during Danio rerio development. Gene expression patterns : GEP   18(1-2):37-43 Full text @ Gene Expr. Patterns

Fig. 3

Expression of zebrafish brinps during development and in adult tissue. The temporal expression of brinps was analysed via RT-PCR. RNA was extracted at 1 cell (0.2 h), shield (6 hpf), 12 somites (9 hpf), 24 hpf, 48 hpf, 72 hpf, 96 hpf, adult head and body (A). In adults, RNA was extracted from the brain, eye, heart, gills, gut, muscle and skin. RNA was reverse-transcribed to cDNA and subjected to RT-PCR (B). β-actin was used as a positive control and a no DNA control was included.

Fig. 4

The spatial expression pattern of brinp1 during zebrafish development. brinp1 is broadly expressed between 6 hpf and 16 hpf (A–C) and is detected in the brain (b) and trunk muscle (m) at 24 hpf (D), close up view is shown of the myosepta (Di). Cross section at 24 hpf shows staining in the muscle (F). At 48 hpf, brinp1 is specifically detected in the midbrain (mb), mid-hindbrain (mhb), hindbrain (hb), fin buds (fb), median fin fold (mff) and lateral line neuromasts (nm) (E–G). A similar expression pattern is observed at 72 hpf. Views are lateral with anterior to the left (D, G, I, J, L) and dorsal views are shown in E, H and K.

Fig. 5

Spatial expression pattern of brinp2 during zebrafish development. brinp2 is ubiquitously expressed at 10–18 hpf (A, B). At 24 hpf, brinp2 is detected specifically in the developing brain (b) of younger embryos (C,D). Staining is concentrated at the myosepta (Ci), cross section of 24 hpf embryos also reveal that brinp2 is expressed in the muscle (Di). At 48 hpf, expression is broadly detected in the brain and in the fin buds (fb) (E, Ei). In older embryos (72 hpf) brinp2 is highly and preferentially expressed in the brain and fins (F, Fi). Lateral (C, E, F) and dorsal (D, Ei, Fi) views are shown.

Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: Bud to Protruding-mouth

Fig. 6

Spatial expression patterns of brinp3 paralogues (a, b and c) during zebrafish development. All brinp3 genes are expressed between 10 and 18 hpf (A, B, G, H, I, N, O, P) ubiquitously. brinp3b and brinp3c are broadly expressed at shield (6 hpf) (G, N). brinp3a is predominately expressed in the brain (b) at 24 hpf (C) and localises to specific parts of the brain at 48 hpf (E,Ei) and 72 hpf (F,Fi). brinp3b is mainly expressed in the brain at 24 hpf (J, K, Ki) and is highly expressed in the mid brain and hindbrain of 48–72 hpf embryos (L, M) and primordial pectoral fin buds (fb). brinp3c has a similar pattern to brinp3b (Q–T), except cross sections of 24 hpf embryos reveal brinp3c is expressed (Ri) in the muscle, whereas no specific muscle staining was observed for brinp3b (Ki). Lateral (C, E, F, J, L, M, Q, S, T) and dorsal (D, Ei, Fi, K, Li, Mi, R, Si, Ti) views are shown.

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Reprinted from Gene expression patterns : GEP, 18(1-2), Giousoh, A., Vaz, R., Bryson-Richardson, R.J., Whisstock, J.C., Verkade, H., Bird, P.I., Bone morphogenetic protein/retinoic acid inducible neural-specific protein (brinp) expression during Danio rerio development, 37-43, Copyright (2015) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Gene Expr. Patterns