Agostini et al., 2015 - Barley beta-glucan promotes MnSOD expression and enhances angiogenesis under oxidative microenvironment. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine   19(1):227-38 Full text @ J. Cell. Mol. Med.

Fig. 5

β-D-glucan treatment rescues the vasculogenic activity under chronic oxidative stress in vivo. (A) Representative images of Zebrafish transgenic Tg (kdrl: EGFP)s843Tg embryos at 24 hpf (hours post-fertilization), alone (control) or treated at 70% epiboly stage with 3% β-D-glucan, PMA, and PMA+3% β-D-glucan. Brackets: normal caudal plexus; stars: injured caudal plexus; scale bar 100 µm. (B) At each experimental condition, representative images of caudal view of embryos, at 24 hpf. DLAV: dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel (CVP, caudal vein plexus). White arrow: end of DLAV; scale bar 150 µm. (C) Measurement of the distance between the end of DLAV and the tip of CPV at each experimental condition. *P < 0.05 versus control.

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