Liu et al., 2013 - Enhanced hemangioblast generation and improved vascular repair and regeneration from embryonic stem cells by defined transcription factors. Stem Cell Reports   1(2):166-182 Full text @ Stem Cell Reports

Fig. 2

Combinatorial Suppression of er71/etsrp, gata2, and scl Promotes Cardiogenic Output in Zebrafish Anterior Lateral Plate Mesoderm

(A–I) In situ hybridization depicts hand2 and fli1a expression in uninjected (A), control (B), and etsrp MO embryos (C; 3 ng), scl MO (E; 12.5 ng), gata2 MO (F; 33.4 ng), gata2 (33.4 ng)+scl (12.5 ng) MOs (G), etsrp (3 ng)+scl (3 ng) MOs (H), etsrp (3 ng)+scl (3 ng)+gata2 (33.4 ng) MOs (I)-injected embryos, and etsrp-/- embryos (D).

(J) Expression of hand2 in gata2 (33.4 ng)+scl (12.5 ng) MOs-injected etsrp+/+ and etsrp+/ embryos. The numbers show the severe phenotype. (A–J) Seven-somite stage, dorsal views, anterior to the left.

(K) Lateral view of flia expression in uninjected, etsrp MO, or etsrp+scl+gata2 MO-injected embryos. Scale bar: 500 µm.

See also Table S4.

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