Thisse et al., 2001 - Expression of the zebrafish genome during embryogenesis (NIH R01 RR15402). ZFIN Direct Data Submission
Thisse in situ hybridization protocol
Probe: cb47   Quality:
Supplier: Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC) (order this)

Fig. 1 expression in trigeminal ganglia, ventro-lateral diencephalon, ventro-lateral midbrain, dorsal and ventral neurons of the spinal cord

Fig. 2 weak expression in telencephalon, strong in anterior diencephalon, tegmentum, hindbrain from rhombomere (rh) 2 to 7, spinal cord neurons

Fig. 3 strong staining in telencephalon, anterior diencephalon, tegmentum (lateral), in hindbrain (mantel layer) one cluster of cells per rhombomeres from rhombomere 1 to 7 (rh1-7), staining in cranial ganglia: trigeminal, anterior and posterior lateral line, acoustic (?)

Fig. 4