ZFIN ID: ZDB-EXP-150617-3
Experiment Conditions Description: chemical treatment: EC (protein kinase C) inhibitor
chemical treatment: EC (protein kinase C) inhibitor
Name: chemical treatment
Definition: Experimental condition in which the fish is treated with a chemical substance. This treatment could be administered by adding the chemical substance to the tank water, injections, or by consumption.
Ontology: Zebrafish Environment Condition Ontology [ZECO:0000111]
Name: EC (protein kinase C) inhibitor
Synonyms: ATP:protein phosphotransferase (diacylglycerol-dependent) inhibitor, ATP:protein phosphotransferase (diacylglycerol-dependent) inhibitors, calcium-dependent protein kinase C inhibitor, calcium-dependent protein kinase C inhibitors, calcium-independent protein kinase C inhibitor, calcium-independent protein kinase C inhibitors, calcium/phospholipid dependent protein kinase inhibitor, calcium/phospholipid dependent protein kinase inhibitors, cPKC inhibitor, cPKC inhibitors, cPKCalpha inhibitor, cPKCalpha inhibitors, cPKCbeta inhibitor, cPKCbeta inhibitors, cPKCgamma inhibitor, cPKCgamma inhibitors, EC (protein kinase C) inhibitors, EC inhibitor, EC inhibitors, nPKC inhibitor, nPKC inhibitors, nPKCdelta inhibitor, nPKCdelta inhibitors, nPKCepsilon inhibitor, nPKCepsilon inhibitors, nPKCeta inhibitor, nPKCeta inhibitors, nPKCtheta inhibitor, nPKCtheta inhibitors, PKC inhibitor, PKC inhibitors, Pkc1p inhibitor, Pkc1p inhibitors, PKCalpha inhibitor, PKCalpha inhibitors, PKCbeta inhibitor, PKCbeta inhibitors, PKCdelta inhibitor, PKCdelta inhibitors, PKCepsilon inhibitor, PKCepsilon inhibitors, PKCgamma inhibitor, PKCgamma inhibitors, PKCzeta inhibitor, PKCzeta inhibitors, PKN3 inhibitor, PKN3 inhibitors, protein kinase C (EC inhibitor, protein kinase C (EC inhibitors, protein kinase C inhibitor, protein kinase C inhibitors, protein kinase Cepsilon inhibitor, protein kinase Cepsilon inhibitors, STK24 inhibitor, STK24 inhibitors
Definition: An EC 2.7.11.* (protein-serine/threonine kinase) inhibitor that interferes with the action of protein kinase C (EC
Ontology: Chebi [CHEBI:37700]
Publication: Krock et al., 2014