The Zebrafish Database Project

Funded by the National Science Foundation Database Activities Program (BIR-9507401)

Biology: Mirror site:
  • Wolfgang Driever, Boston
  • Monte Westerfield, Eugene
  • Bernard Thisse, Strasbourg
Computer Science: Mouse Database consultants:
  • Eck Doerry, Eugene
  • Sarah Douglas, Eugene
  • Ted Kirkpatrick, Eugene
  • Johnathon Bard, Edinburgh
  • Janan T. Eppig, Jackson Laboratory
  • Martin Ringwald, Jackson Laboratory

Further information, comments, or questions email or contact:
Monte Westerfield
Institute of Neuroscience
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Table of Contents
  1. Project Summary
  2. The Problem Statement
  3. The Solution Statement and Specific Aims
    1. Significance of the proposed work
    2. Specific Aim 1. A Multi-media Database.
    3. Specific Aim 2. User Interface
  4. The Implementation Statement
    1. Specific Aim 1. A Multi-media Database
    2. 2. Specific Aim 2. WWW Graphical User Interface
  5. The Cost-effectiveness Statement
  6. Bibliography

Current status of the types of data to be included in the database.