Sun et al., 2019 - Transcriptional profiles and copper stress responses in zebrafish cox17 mutants. Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)   256:113364 Full text @ Environ. Pollut.
26 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene acta2 actin alpha 2, smooth muscle
Gene actb1 actin, beta 1
Gene anxa5b annexin A5b
Gene apoob apolipoprotein O, b
Gene apool apolipoprotein O-like
Gene axin2 axin 2 (conductin, axil)
Gene cox4i2 cytochrome c oxidase subunit 4I2
Gene cox17 cytochrome c oxidase copper chaperone COX17
Gene eaf1 ELL associated factor 1
Gene fgf10a fibroblast growth factor 10a
Gene hbbe3 hemoglobin beta embryonic-3
Gene hprt1l hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase 1, like
Gene mnx1 motor neuron and pancreas homeobox 1
Gene mt2 metallothionein 2
Gene pbx1a pre-B-cell leukemia homeobox 1a
Gene rad51 RAD51 recombinase
Gene ruvbl2 RuvB-like AAA ATPase 2
Gene sco1 synthesis of cytochrome C oxidase 1
Gene sfrp1b secreted frizzled-related protein 1b
Gene sox2 SRY-box transcription factor 2
Gene tert telomerase reverse transcriptase
Gene vps51 VPS51 subunit of GARP complex
Gene wnt3 wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 3
Gene wnt7ba wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 7Ba
Gene zgc:152891 zgc:152891
Gene znrf2a zinc and ring finger 2a