Kaur et al., 2018 - let-7 MicroRNA-Mediated Regulation of Shh Signaling and the Gene Regulatory Network Is Essential for Retina Regeneration. Cell Reports   23:1409-1423 Full text @ Cell Rep.
Morpholino List (15 Records)
Target Reagent
ascl1a MO3-ascl1a
foxn4 MO3-foxn4
gli1 MO2-gli1
gli2a MO3-gli2a
gli3 MO3-gli3
lin28a MO1-lin28a
mmp9 MO7-mmp9
ptch1 MO1-ptch1
ptch2 MO4-ptch2
shha MO5-shha
shhb MO5-shhb
sufu MO2-sufu
zic2b MO3-zic2b