Garaffo et al., 2013 - Profiling, Bioinformatic, and Functional Data on the Developing Olfactory/GnRH System Reveal Cellular and Molecular Pathways Essential for This Process and Potentially Relevant for the Kallmann Syndrome. Frontiers in Experimental Endocrinology   4:203 Full text @ Front. Endocrinol.
Morpholino List (10 Records)
Target Reagent
dapp1 MO1-dapp1
dlx5a MO1-dlx5a
fgfr1a MO1-fgfr1a
fgfr1b MO1-fgfr1b
homer2 MO1-homer2
islr2 MO1-islr2
lingo2a MO1-lingo2a
lrrn1 MO1-lrrn1
st8sia6 MO1-st8sia6