Cannon et al., 2013 - Global analysis of the haematopoietic and endothelial transcriptome during zebrafish development. Mechanisms of Development   130(2-3):122-131 Full text @ Mech. Dev.
Morpholino List (12 Records)
Target Reagent
cldn11a MO1-cldn11a
glipr2 MO1-glipr2
prcp MO1-prcp
sgk2a MO1-sgk2a
dipk2b MO1-dipk2b
slc43a3a MO1-slc43a3a
tmem88a MO1-tmem88a
tmem205 MO1-tmem205
trim2a MO1-trim2a
unc119a MO1-unc119a