Kurosawa et al., 2006 - Organization and structure of hox gene loci in medaka genome and comparison with those of pufferfish and zebrafish genomes. Gene   370:75-82 Full text @ Gene
51 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene eve1 even-skipped-like1
Gene evx1 even-skipped homeobox 1
Gene evx2 even-skipped homeobox 2
Gene hoxa1a homeobox A1a
Gene hoxa2b homeobox A2b
Gene hoxa3a homeobox A3a
Gene hoxa4a homeobox A4a
Gene hoxa5a homeobox A5a
Gene hoxa9a homeobox A9a
Gene hoxa9b homeobox A9b
Gene hoxa10b homeobox A10b
Gene hoxa11a homeobox A11a
Gene hoxa11b homeobox A11b
Gene hoxa13a homeobox A13a
Gene hoxa13b homeobox A13b
Gene hoxb1a homeobox B1a
Gene hoxb1b homeobox B1b
Gene hoxb2a homeobox B2a
Gene hoxb3a homeobox B3a
Gene hoxb4a homeobox B4a
Gene hoxb5a homeobox B5a
Gene hoxb5b homeobox B5b
Gene hoxb6a homeobox B6a
Gene hoxb6b homeobox B6b
Gene hoxb7a homeobox B7a
Gene hoxb8a homeobox B8a
Gene hoxb9a homeobox B9a
Gene hoxb10a homeobox B10a
Gene hoxb13a homeobox B13a
Gene hoxc1a homeobox C1a
Gene hoxc3a homeobox C3a
Gene hoxc4a homeobox C4a
Gene hoxc5a homeobox C5a
Gene hoxc6a homeobox C6a
Gene hoxc6b homeobox C6b
Gene hoxc8a homeobox C8a
Gene hoxc9a homeobox C9a
Gene hoxc10a homeobox C10a
Gene hoxc11a homeobox C11a
Gene hoxc11b homeobox C11b
Gene hoxc12a homeobox C12a
Gene hoxc12b homeobox C12b
Gene hoxc13a homeobox C13a
Gene hoxc13b homeobox C13b
Gene hoxd3a homeobox D3a
Gene hoxd4a homeobox D4a
Gene hoxd9a homeobox D9a
Gene hoxd10a homeobox D10a
Gene hoxd11a homeobox D11a
Gene hoxd12a homeobox D12a
Gene hoxd13a homeobox D13a