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General Information
Padhi et al., 2006 - Independent expansion of the keratin gene family in teleostean fish and mammals: An insight from phylogenetic analysis and radiation hybrid mapping of keratin genes in zebrafish. Gene   368:37-45 Full text @ Gene
27 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene cyt1 type I cytokeratin, enveloping layer
Gene krt1-11b keratin, type 1, gene 11b
Gene krt1-19d keratin, type 1, gene 19d
Gene krt1-c5 keratin, type 1, gene c5
Gene krt4 keratin 4
Gene krt5 keratin 5
Gene krt8 keratin 8
Gene krt18a.1 keratin 18a, tandem duplicate 1
Gene krt91 keratin 91
Gene krt95 kertain 95
Gene krt97 keratin 97
Gene krtt1c19e keratin type 1 c19e
Gene si:dkey-183i3.5 si:dkey-183i3.5
Gene si:dkey-222f2.1 si:dkey-222f2.1
Gene si:dkey-222n6.2 si:dkey-222n6.2
Gene wu:fb34c02 wu:fb34c02
Gene si:ch211-243g18.2 si:ch211-243g18.2
Gene wu:fk65c09 wu:fk65c09
SSLP z6880 Z6880
SSLP z8874 Z8874
SSLP z9252 Z9252
SSLP z9402 Z9402
SSLP z22038 Z22038
Gene krt18b keratin 18b
Gene zgc:92380 zgc:92380
Gene krt99 keratin 99
Gene zgc:158846 zgc:158846