ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-150205-4
Seok-Hyung Kim Lab
PI/Director: Kim, Seok-Hyung
Contact Person: Kim, Seok-Hyung
Email: kims@musc.edu
URL: http://https://education.musc.edu/MUSCApps/facultydirectory/Kim-Seok-hyung
Address: Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology Medical University of South Carolina Drug Discovery Building, DD510 70 President Street Charleston,SC 29425
Country: United States
Phone: 843-876-2338,
Fax: 843-876-2179
Line Designation: muz

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Our lab focuses on Genetic diseases involved in inborn errors of metabolism affecting post-developmental liver disorders. We have identified 19 novel zebrafish mutants showing post-developmental liver defects such as NAFLD, hepatomegaly or hepatic necrosis via forward genetic screening. These mutants will be used to understand mechanism of disease progression and to identify novel therapeutic small molecules.

Park, Ki-Hoon Post-Doc

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