ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-050428-1
James Chen Lab
PI/Director: Chen, James K.
Contact Person: Chen, James K.
Email: jameschen@stanford.edu
URL: http://chen.stanford.edu
Address: Department of Chemical and Systems Biology Stanford University School of Medicine 269 Campus Drive, CCSR Room 3155C Stanford, CA 94305-5174 USA
Country: United States
Phone: 650-725-3582
Fax: 650-723-2253
Line Designation: st

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Feng, Brian Post-Doc Hyman, Joel Post-Doc O’Casio, Cory Post-Doc
Pattanayak, Sankha Post-Doc Firestone, Ari Graduate Student Mich, John Graduate Student
Ouyang, Shawn Graduate Student Rack, Paul Graduate Student Shestopalov, Ilya Research Staff
Jeung, Stuart L. Administrative Staff

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