Phenotype: (normal or recovered) cilium assembly process quality
Note: This statement combines anatomy and/or ontology terms with phenotype quality terms to create a complete phenotype (EQ) statement. For detailed information on individual terms, click the hyperlinked term name.
Name: cilium assembly
Synonyms: ciliogenesis, cilium biogenesis, microtubule-based flagellum assembly
Definition: The assembly of a cilium, a specialized eukaryotic organelle that consists of a filiform extrusion of the cell surface. Each cilium is bounded by an extrusion of the cytoplasmic membrane, and contains a regular longitudinal array of microtubules, anchored basally in a centriole.
Ontology: GO: Biological Process [GO:0042384]   QuickGO   AmiGO
Name: process quality
Synonyms: quality of a process, quality of occurrent, quality of process, relational quality of occurrent
Definition: A quality which inheres in an process.
Ontology: Phenotypic Quality Ontology [PATO:0001236]
Tag: normal or recovered
Definition: The "(normal or recovered)" tag is used when the annotation of a normal phenotype is notable or when the annotation represents a recovered normal phenotype, such as that resulting from the addition of a sequence targeting reagent or the creation of a complex mutant genotype.