OBO ID: ZFA:0009244
Term Name: primary motor neuron Search Ontology:
  • primary motoneuron
Definition: Motor neurons that arise during the first day of development. Primary motoneurons have larger diameter cell bodies and axons than secondary motoneurons and are positioned more dorsally and medially than secondary motoneurons. Primary motoneurons are present in a single bilateral pair of clusters in each spinal segment and innervate axial muscle fibers in the corresponding pair of myotomes. Axons make a conspicuous loop around the Mauthner axon before entering the ventral root. 0471530506
Appears at: Segmentation:1-4 somites (10.33h-11.66h)
Evident until: Unknown
  • CL:0000533
  • TAO:0009244
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology
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