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OBO ID: ZFA:0001725
Term Name: immature Schwann cell Search Ontology:
Definition: A glial cell that develops from a Schwann cell precursor. The immature Schwann cell is embedded among neurons (axons) with minimal extracellular spaces separating them from nerve cell membranes and has a basal lamina. Cells can survive without an axon present. Immature Schwann cell can be found communally ensheathing large groups of axons. 0721662544
Appears at: Segmentation:10-13 somites (14.0h-16.0h)
Evident until: Pharyngula:High-pec (42.0h-48.0h)
  • CL:0002377
  • TAO:0002203
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology
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