OBO ID: GO:1990942
Term Name: mitotic metaphase chromosome recapture Search Ontology:
  • kinetochore retrieval
  • metaphase chromosome retrieval to the spindle pole body
  • sister kinetochore recapture
Definition: A mechanism to recapture 'lost' chromosomes (chromosomes which have become detached from the spindle) during metaphase of mitotic chromosome segregation. Chromosomes with unattached kinetochores are migrated along (non polar) spindle microtubules to the mitotic spindle pole body by a combination of microtubule depolymerisation and 'kinetochore sliding' (migration of the chromosome along the microtubule). The chromosome subsequently migrates along the polar spindle microtubule to the metaphase plate. 18256284
Ontology: GO: Biological Process   QuickGO   AmiGO
PHENOTYPE No data available