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General Information
OBO ID: GO:0071012
Term Name: catalytic step 1 spliceosome Search Ontology:
  • activated spliceosome
  • mammalian spliceosomal complex B*
  • mammalian spliceosomal complex B2
  • yeast spliceosomal complex A1
Definition: A spliceosomal complex that is formed by the displacement of the two snRNPs from the precatalytic spliceosome; three snRNPs including U5 remain associated with the mRNA. This complex, sometimes called the activated spliceosome, is the catalytically active form of the spliceosome, and includes many proteins in addition to those found in the associated snRNPs. (2)
Ontology: GO: Cellular Component   QuickGO   AmiGO
EXPRESSION No data available
PHENOTYPE No data available