OBO ID: GO:0008234
Term Name: cysteine-type peptidase activity Search Ontology:
  • cysteine protease activity
  • thiol protease activity
Definition: Catalysis of the hydrolysis of peptide bonds in a polypeptide chain by a mechanism in which the sulfhydryl group of a cysteine residue at the active center acts as a nucleophile.http://merops.sanger.ac.uk/about/glossary.htm#CATTYPE
  • EC:3.4
  • reactome:R-HSA-2022381
  • reactome:R-HSA-2467775
  • reactome:R-HSA-2467809
  • reactome:R-HSA-5660752
Ontology: GO: Molecular Function   QuickGO   AmiGO
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negatively regulated by:
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